As a result of the 2019/2020 bush fires in Australia, more than

11 million hectares (110,000 sq km or 27.2 million acres) of land across

Australia have burned (Source:

17 Trees is a solid collaboration with our suppliers, distributors, customers

and consumers to plant trees to rebuild the Australian forest. This ongoing

journey in sustainability is recognizing our responsibility to the environment to

ensure a lasting future for generations to come.

De Bortoli 17 Trees has partnered with not-for-profit organization

Trillion Trees to plant native trees for a sustainable future. Trillion Trees has

been planting trees since 1979, with the vision to plant 1 trillion trees.


Every 6 bottles of 17 Trees purchased will go towards planting trees.
Just scan the QR code on the back label of 17 Trees for a live tracker
of tree planting. A dedicated microsite can be found at