The first record of viniculture in this place was recorded in the Midieval times (1216),

when Pope Innocent III used to invite the Polish Church to celebrate Mass using wines of the Cistercian Convent

in Trzebnica. Such documents also show the first records of vine cultivation in Stobno, Scinawa and Ostrowice.

Slow maturation, precision and passion are the founding values of the

Winnica L’Opera project which make our wines ideal for clients who already

appreciate quality, innovation and minimalist design. Such quality has already been recognized

by experts in the field and prizes won at several contests.

Wine – The perfect companion in the happiest moments of life!

The L’Opera Winnica logo represents a musical stave with lines

which mimic the shapes made by hills in the area.


The concept of art, because the entire winemaking process is a unique art which begins

whenever winemaker starts to craft their work of art – creating wine from grapes as a

composer transforms the musical notes on the page into a symphony.


The logo also expresses a connection to the land and to the soil where the grapes

are planted, its climate and location that allow our grapes to mature and provide

the unique flavors and aromas distinct to the area.



Czas Na – A dry white wine, aged in cask (Solaris – Helios)
Notes of ripe tropical fruits such as Pineapple, Apricot spice sensations.
On the palate it is long and full 
with a delicious finish of honey and vanilla


Sol Sol – A dry white wine, aged in steel (Solaris)
Rich aromas of citrus fruits and sage, typical of the aging of the Solaris grape in a fresh climate.


Triada – A dry red wine, aged in cask (Cabernet Contor– Cabernet Cortis – Baron)
Rich wine, elegant and medium bodied, with evident notes of red fruit and black spices,
vanilla and white chocolate.